How I Save Big Money on My Website

Written on:November 9, 2014
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Jasper here, just wanted to include an article on how to save incredible money on the setting up a blog. This is exactly what I did! Enjoy!

Would you like to create your very first blog on the Internet so that you can start selling products in order to make a passive online revenue? This is something that many people choose to do, and are actually quite lucrative once they get the hang of what needs to be done. Creating and managing a blog is not rocket science. You simply need to know how to start, and also how to update the blog, so that you can potentially start to see sales generated from your efforts. There is quite a bit of information that must be understood in regard to driving targeted traffic to your blog in order to make the sales which is beyond the scope of this article. However, if you are simply interested on how to save money when starting your very first blog online, here are three steps that you need to take.

Come Up With A Blog Idea

The very first step of this entire process is to make sure that you have a clear idea of exactly what it is that you need to do for your blog. Let’s say that you are in the business for selling sports equipment. The blog that you create must have a theme that will be representative of sports equipment, and the posts that you make should be focused upon the different types of equipment that you will have for sale on your website. As long as you can create graphics that are representative of the products you are going to sell for your header, and post information about the products that you have for sale, you will be able to successfully rank for those particular products on the Internet, and also provide enough information for individuals that would like to purchase the product you have for sale. Once you have a clear idea of what you need to do, you will want to start creating the blog. Here are three ways that you can save money when creating your website, the first of which has to do with saving money on your hosting options.

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Saving Money With Hosting

You have probably seen many advertisements on the web that will provide you with hosting for a very small amount of money the first month that you sign up. Some of the more well known companies such as Host Gator actually will allow you to host your website for 30 days for as little as one penny. Other web hosts including Go Daddy will have similar deals that you can take advantage of, but this will save you at least $10-$50 your very first month of hosting your website online. Or you can go to HostGator, which always has cheap hosting. If you get a Host gator coupon for your hosting, then it will probably be the cheapest hosting you have seen.

Saving Money With Your Domain

If you do not reserve your domain while you are setting up your hosting account, you might want to set it up in advance using a company like Go Daddy. You can actually find promo codes on the Internet that will allow you to get a domain for as little as $.99 for the first year. This is a substantial savings over the typical cost of a domain which can run anywhere from $8-$30 for the first year. The combination of saving money with your hosting and the domain will allow you to save between $50 and $100 the first month that you create your blog.

Saving Money With Content

The content that you post on your website is probably going to constitute the most amount of time that you will actually have to put into your blog. Depending upon your ability to write articles, it might take you several days just to get a weeks worth of content ready to post. Many people will actually choose to pay someone to write their content for them, something that in cost as much as $30 an article. You can get content for five dollars an article at some locations online, but the quality of content will not be that great. If you do have skills at writing, but you are not very good at typing, you might want to consider another alternative. You might want to invest in a product called Dragon NaturallySpeaking, or something that is similar, that will allow you to speak into a microphone allowing a software program to transcribe what you are dictating.

Instead of having to type everything out which could take a couple hours, depending upon how fast your typing skills actually are, you can usually type at about 150 words per minute when you’re using one of these transcription programs. You can usually pick the program up for about $99, although you can get it for about $30 if you get last year’s version. You can also order a headset, preferably with a USB connection, for about the same price.

The money that you save using the coupons and promo codes for your hosting and your domain will allow you to purchase the software and headset so you can write your own content. Of course, if you don’t have the time, and you do have the budget, it’s always recommended to have someone else write everything for you. If, however, you are working with limited funds, and saving money is your goal, using Dragon NaturallySpeaking with a USB headset will allow you to get most of your content done in just a day or two.

Scheduling Your Content And Making Money

Once you have purchased your domain, your hosting, and you have added WordPress to your website, you are now ready to add your posts. Each one will take about 10 minutes to write, perhaps 15, if they are exceptionally long. You will then want to put your affiliate links to the products that you are going to sell which most people do through or another site that specializes in the products that they want to make available. By scheduling your posts out every couple days, you will start to see the gradual indexing of your post on the Internet, allowing you to make sales on a regular basis.

Although it is also important to use a great theme, and excellent graphics, in order to convey trust to first-time visitors that will judge your website the first few seconds that they arrive, this is something that you can work on as you go along, gradually refining the appearance of your website, all the while adding and posting content that can help generate residual income.

Financial Planning in A Nutshell

Written on:October 6, 2014
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A good friend of mine posted a video to youtube and I wanted to pass it along to all you readers. Enjoy! I hope this gives more clarity to exactly what I do!